Is Portugal Really Isolated From Other European Countries?

Is Portugal Really Isolated From Other European Countries?

Portugal is a unique country situated on the western part of Europe. The country is significant in economic success from an early time. We could say that they were at the forefront of globalization as they led the slave trade business across the black race, Asia and the Americas. They can be categorized as one of the strongest Nations in history due to their ability to force conversions on several nations and converted them. Portugal was a civilized nation from an early time as they opened up so many sea routes to other Western Nations. This people was feared so much between the legs 16th century to the 18th. Their economy was part of the strongest which is still making a huge impact to today.

A great part of their economic

A great part of their economic growth or stability relies on tourism as different people come from all walks of life to tour this nation and exploits diverse cultures or traditions. Some of the others who believe that this country was isolated by other nations due to the atrocities committed against other races. They championed the cause of enslaving black races by buying humans from other native countries, making them work/ suffer without being paid. Some were killed while many were kidnapped/ taken away forcefully from their loved ones. These actions generated a hate between them and different countries, but it is not clearly true that their territory was completely isolated from the rest of Europe. This is because Portugal currently belongs among the European Union.

Three international airports are situated in

Three international airports are situated in their land therefore, Portuguese still interact well with most nations. Every island on their territory is connected by air involving direct or indirect flights. Spain as a country has a major boundary with them that is mostly open and connected by major highways. Individuals can travel in and out of the city easily if they have the correct immigration documents. There is a wide spread of good road network that covers all the national/ regional territories with electronic tolls. As a nation that focuses on tourism as a means of growing their economy, their transportation system is clearly paid a huge attention to. Urban areas are connected to rural areas through the help of railroads which offer better services.

Is Portugal Really Isolated From Other European Countries?

Modern trains have been integrated to speed up international train connections with countries like France. Although their geographical nature still defines them as an isolated territory because of their mountain ranges and the geographic position, the nation has been at the Apex of civilization from an early time. They have a unique cultural/ religious freedom that their natives respect so much. These citizens have had a fair share of ups/ down in their political system following the Muslim invasion of the 8th century. Islam road their Peninsula from that time until the 15th century but only occupy the smaller area. Portugal was greatly influenced by the Roman Empire from an early time and have their main religion as Catholicism. The language of the Portuguese is Latin, and they owe it to the Roman influence on their land.

Interestingly, their primary administrative traditions were also influenced by the Roman heritage because the Romans first arrived in the Iberian Peninsula before the Muslim did. The monarchy that constituted the framework of their country’s history which includes their language/ tradition is particularly that of Rome. Following their economic evolution, various signs of the presence of their merchants can be found in French or British ports and vice versa. As a business, Portuguese deal on wine, olive oil, salt, fish and fruits based on of their riverine nature. Such products were exported to most countries across Europe based on their relations with them. Those imports were mainly grain and textile to help in accommodating their agricultural evolution as internal colonization made them farmers.

Their country has from an early time being a city of military nature which was strengthened by their continuous war against the Islamic opposition that settled on their land on and tried to convert them. Although Islam still occupy most of the southern part of the territory, these characteristics give rise to an important discovery in the nation’s history. Their citizens explored their naval abilities as a military venture against Islam.