Portugal is a great country

Portugal is a great country

The idea of Portugal being a forgotten country is not only ridiculous but also shows a sense of ignorance. It is not true that Portugal is forgotten for many reasons which are evident in history, sport, tourism, peace, and others. Portugal is the oldest country in Europe by the virtue of the organized boundary. They colonized many countries especially Brazil which adopted Portuguese as their official language.

The landscape of Portugal is naturally decorated to suit the inhabitants plus their professions. All places are either hilly or, mountainous in the North and others are just plain. The geography helps to keep Portugal warm enough so that you do not need an air conditioner nor heater. There is sunrise in three hundred days out of three hundred and sixty-five days. These environments also protect them from unnecessary wars. Their main foods are aquatic animals. These diets influence the diets of Asians, Brazilians plus other colonized countries.

Figo's nation is peaceful for a

In fact, the water bodies in that country contain several peculiar animals. People come from far to surf on local beaches for its peculiarity. Great surfers go to places in Ericeira, Peniche, and the Lisbon coast to test their skills. Though it is not advisable for beginners, surfing in Portugal is the true test of surfing skill as the waves are ever ready to displace you. Examples of Luis Figo and Christiano Ronaldo in addition to a world-class coach called Jose Mourinho change the face of football. The optimism of the Portuguese and their weather inspires the birth of big football clubs.

Figo’s nation is peaceful for a couple of reasons among which is their common heritage. Genetics showed that their common ancestor is traced to the paleolithic age. Apart from that, about eighty-one percent of the population are Catholics. In most war-ravaged places, the problem is often distinct and different beliefs in the creed. People are indoctrinated to see others as fewer humans and should be treated as such.

Apart from that, the government gives

This country can never be forgotten in the History study for the roles played during slavery. There was a time that other European countries come to Portugal to buy slaves. The vast circumnavigation of their sailors encouraged this operation to achieve massive success. Though Portugal is known for the inhuman treatment that they meted on their slaves, they have been a hospitable set of citizens. The former slaves and their generations now form about ten percent of nationals. This country gives citizenship to babies born in their cities and this gives them exact entitlements as original citizens. People normally go there to be delivered of their babies because of their extensive medical care plus ensuring peace which flows through the streets of Lisbon and Porto.

Apart from that, the government gives incentives for growing families so that their population will increase. Portugal has the seventeenth most visited city for its hospitality in addition to safety. It is where you can comfortably stay without tearing your pocket due to its affordability.

Portugal is a great country

Their system of government is such that there are eminent checks and balances. The politicians, therefore, abide by the laws to do their official work. It devises a way to attend to the least person through their councils which is up to three hundred and sixty. Portugal seems forgotten because you do not see it on news as other countries so that they try to manage their affairs most prudently.

Portuguese are daring in all these endeavors as Christopher Columbus had affiliations with them. A popular name in navigation called Henry was a Portuguese and with the sponsorship of the Portuguese monarchy, he could know the extent of the Moorish empire. He pivoted around America even before it became a nation for colonists always looked for commercial enterprises.

These colonists try in every colony to initiate and maintain trade in addition to trade routes to other places. This is exactly what they did in Angola, Guinea, Mozambique in addition to Goa in India. They were known predominantly for agriculture although there was a decline since Brazil’s independence. Traders of this country’s origin traded slaves more than most countries although they could stop it before others. Till today, they are the highest exporter of cork that is used in covering wine bottles to maintain wines. It is fallacious to think that Portugal is forgotten because people always wish to experience the lands of Portugal plus its nice people.