Studying in Portugal

Studying in Portugal

Portugal is located in the southwestern region of Europe. It is well known for having beautiful beaches and low cost of living among other European countries. Education process, particularly higher education in foreign countries, is expensive in most countries and needs a substantial amount of capital to fund it.

The country offers affordable accommodation options for people studying in the country around Europe. Institutions have spread hostels across cities and towns to provide international students affordable housing. Meals as well as personal accessories are cheap making student’s stay worthwhile. Schools charge affordable tuition fees of roughly a hundred euros per month. You can control the classes in which they undertake by choosing which classes to attend making the teaching approach adaptable.

The neighbourhood is full of cultures,

Commuting around the country is fast and saves money due to a great network of railways as well as air transport that is reliable across the country. This reduces highly on traffic congestions on roads. It is because private transportation like use of cars in expensive and fatal due to windy, steep, narrow roads connecting the cities apart from the highways. Despite transport necessities, the citizens of Portugal provide a friendly atmosphere paired with a positive attitude towards foreigners making it ideal for studies.

The neighbourhood is full of cultures, history and traditions that are interesting to learn. Activities offered by schools like parties with beautiful beaches and ample weather makes learning. The cheapness of schooling should not imply that the education system is poor, not at all. The education system of the country is at the same level as other schools in Europe meaning that you will not miss a thing.

Studying in Portugal

Although living and studying in Purtugal might sound interesting, there are drawbacks. Portuguese is commonly used posing as a threat to foreigners who do not know how to speak the language since most businesses around the region are done in the language. Most classes are affected by this scenario as they are taught in the native language making foreigners to have limited courses to choose from. This scenario may also pose as an additional expense on students to pay to be taught Portuguese to be able to attend their deserved classes.

Despite the low level of living, consumer commodities like clothes and electronics such as televisions, smartphones with laptops come bearing expensive prices making it hard for students to afford them. Rents on hostels are also expensive forcing most students to pair up with their colleagues to raise the rent therefore, limiting the private lifestyles they opt to have. Despite the area having conducive weather, sometimes the weather changes drastically from the blazing sun to harsh rainy conditions interupting daily study programs. The rains can be a bit intense resulting to flooding of the pathways interrupting arrival to schools on time.

International students are often miss their native countries, their cultures together with their way of life as being far from home can cause lack of concentration during studies together with nonperfomance. Being far from friends and family may cause homesickness together with loneliness.