The best king of Portugal

The best king of Portugal

Afonso Henriques is the first king of Portugal who ruled between the year of 1139 and 1185. It is recorded that king Afonso was born in either 1109 or 1111 in Guimaraes. Since there is no clear time said, the two years are used as his birthdate. Henriques is mainly remembered as a single of Portugal’s strongest kings due to the fundamental accomplishments. During his reign, Afonso took control of SantarĂ©m and Lisbon from the Islamic territory in 1147. Previously in 1139, Afonso the conqueror managed to fight as well as win independence for the Portuguese from Leon.

The conqueror fought the neighbouring kingdoms as he increased the new territory, and making the monarchy stronger. Henriques was mainly fighting against the Muslims aiming at tremendous expansion of Christian kingdoms in Portugal. The spirit of Christian territory expansion was motivated by the victory of a christian military, Hispania, during the battle of Covadonga in 718/722.

King Afonso in 1147, attacked Almoravid

Henriques was young by the time the father was dying, and this situation made the mother to assume power until the son became of age. Unfortunately, the mother was not ready to hand over power to her son. A battle between son forces versus mother’s forces took place where Henry’s son forces won in 1128, and in 1139 became a king. In the same year, 1139, the conqueror took over Leon’s territory as well as starting Portugal state which was a monarchy. Henry’s son succeeded in conquering Leon’s state by the help of the Catholic Church as well as the Pope.

King Afonso in 1147, attacked Almoravid city, yet that attacks were called the conquest of Santarem. After about four months of attacking Almoravid city, Henrique put Lisbon city under Christian control, that is, portugal state. Lisbon city was ruled by Islamic supporters who had a colony in Lisbon city. Christians Europeans commonly termed the Muslim inhabitants as well as Arabs as moors.

A year before the death of

As a commitment to Christianity expansion in Portugal, the conqueror established a number of churches, convents as well as monasteries where monks dwell. King of Portugal honored as well as following religious requirements, yet encouraging others to emulate him. In central Portugal, a monastery known as Alcobaca Monastery was established by Henriques.

A year before the death of Pope Innocent II, Henry’s son communicated to the Pope, asking him to openly announce that their portugal nation are Christian servants. In his letter, Henry’s son promised to fight the Moors as well as getting them out of the Iberian Peninsula. During fighting for christianity, Teresa’s son lost some of his battles to the opponents. A good example is a battle lost to the Moors at the south of a river known as Tagus in 1147.

The best king of Portugal

Consequently, there was a buildup of enmity between King Alfonso VII of Leon and aking of Portugal, Teresa’s son. Alfonso plus conqueror had conflicting leadership from their kingdoms that led to participating in wars against each other. A battle of Valdevez is one of the wars between the two kings that happened place along a river called Vez in 1140. Since the two kings were relatives, that are they were cousins, creating peace was required.

As a way of demonstrating peace, a peace treaty was signed in 1143. This treaty was signed after a Portugal king won against Leon’s king. After peace reigned, the Kingdom of Leon was compelled to acknowledge Portugal kingdom as an independent kingdom. It is assumed that in 1169 Portugal’s king got imprisoned by soldiers after falling from a horse at Badajoz. By this time, King Ferdinand II was in charge of Leon, and it was his soldiers that imprisoned Portugal’s leader. It is recorded that Portugal’s king did not recover after several months, a condition that may be made him avoid riding horses.

During Afonso’s sickness, Sancho, Afonso’s son was in charge of Portugal kingdom. Sancho protected Santarem in 1184 as Almohad’s force was fighting back against Portuguese attacks. Luckily, Almohad forces did not succeed because the Catholic Church, through Compostella archbishop, was ready to protect Santarem. Leon kingdom’s army together with its king, were also ready to defend Santarem. Due to their defeat, a war erupted that led to Almohad’s injury, who died while returning to Seville. In 1185, of Portugal suddenly succumbed to death, but the cause of his death is not known. Portugal kingdom’s leader is praised by the Portuguese as a champion as he is the founder of their Kingdom.